Tuesday, September 17, 2019

2019 Big E Honey show winners!

2019 HCBA Honey Show Results

BIG E Farmarama Building


So many outstanding entries this year.  A big thank you to all that contributed.  The following are the results of Monday's judging by Mary Duane:


1st: Lee Duquette
2nd (tie): Mark Lantzakis, Jeff Rys
3rd: Jeff Rys

Light Amber

1st: Mike Koleczek
2nd: Mark Gilmore
3rd: Joyce Munson


1st: Liz Bone
2nd: Annette Isner
3rd (tie): Jon Isner, Sean Martin

Dark Amber

1st: Mark Lantzakis
2nd: Jim Stefanik
3rd: Roxie Pin


1st: Lee Duquette
2nd: Jessica Martin
3rd: Zack Flebotte

Chunk Honey

1st: Pam Rys
2nd: Mike Koleczek
3rd: Bill Romito

Cut Comb

1st: Lee Duquette
2nd: Bill Romito
3rd (tie): Jeff Rys, Pam Rys

Best of show with a score of 98.5 in the Light Amber category: Mike Koleczek

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