Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Swarm Cells...

Club members Andy & Joyce are enjoying all the challenges of beekeeping in their first year.  Wanting to experience all the things a new hive has to offer, they started two hives, one from a package and one from a nuc.  Turns out the nuc has been non-stop excitement.  I believe they're up to 3 swarms now.  Andy was kind enough to send these awesome photos of their overzealous hive.  Look at all those capped swarm cells! Luckily, these photos aren't too recent, and Andy & Joyce and one of those new queens seem to have everything under control for now!

Thanks to Andy & Joyce for sharing these photos and thanks to senior club member Eric Nitsch for taking a look at their hives and offering a helping hand.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Time magazine recently featured the honeybees' struggle on their cover.  It's nice to see the subject getting more and more attention.  

Unfortunately, some of what's killing the bees has recently directly effected one of our members.  HCBA Trustee, Larry Borysyk, recently sent me this photo of the front of his hive. 
All the bees on the ground near the hive are dead.  Larry thinks they may be victims of insecticide.  If so, let's hope the effects on the hive are limited and they recover and gain strength to be ready to over-winter! 

Thanks for sharing this with us, Larry!

August Meeting...

         Hampden County Beekeepers Candy Bagging Party!

               When: Thursday, August 22nd at 7:00pm

           Where:  Willimanset Heights Improvement League (WHIL)
                       118 Mount Vernon Rd.
                       Chicopee, MA 01013

                Pizza and beverages will be served! 
                 Come help out and have some fun!

We’ll be bagging candy in preparation for the Big E, so while this will not be a regular meeting, we will have the opportunity to discuss all things bee while we work.  Come lend a hand, and get some last minute tips for harvesting and fall and winter management. 

Have you tested for mites yet?  Treated?  Do you have honey?  Have you harvested?  Getting ready to?  Should you?  Can you borrow the extractor?  Are you feeding?  Medicating?  Are your hives in danger of robbing?  When will you put on your entrance reducers?  Are you using a slatted or screened bottom board?  Should you switch?  Come one, come all!  Some of us have questions, and other have answers, new and experienced beekeepers come together and help each other out! 

 See you there!   And don’t forget to volunteer for a shift at the Big E!