Friday, June 10, 2011

My First Post...

Hello everyone! I'm Jessica, and I'm a new member of Hampden County Beekeeper's Association. I'm a brand new beekeeper, and I think my hive is doing well, but I always have questions. LOTS of questions. With this new blog, the more seasoned beekeepers should be able to help us new beekeepers with answers and suggestions between meetings. We will also be able to share other information and updates. I think the blog will be useful and fun!

To kick things off, here's a picture of me and my bees... And a question...

Why won't they stop stinging me?


  1. ...don't know if you are a lover of bananas, but bananas have a scent that resembles the "attack" pheromone of bees. So, don't handle or eat bananas on a day you know you will be working with them...

  2. ...don't know if you like bananas, but it's not a good idean to handle or eat bananas prior to handling your bees. Bananas have a scent that resembles the bees "attack" pheromone...

  3. are you moving around to fast when the hive is open ?

  4. Since this is only my second year, someone please correct me if I am wrong. Jessica in your photos I noticed you are wearing black which aggravates the bees. Try wearing white.

  5. I'm pretty slow and cautious when I'm in the hive, so I don't think haste is the issue. I had no idea about the black! And I got stung in the leg the day this photo was taken! I've also been know to enjoy a banana for breakfast. Who knew? Thanks guys!


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