Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bees in the pool?

Hello Everyone,

A neighbor two houses away has numerous bees (20 - 50) on their pool cover every day. They are obviously enjoying the easy access to shallow water. They neighbors assume they are my bees but whoever they belong to, they are a problem. I have a water supply right next to my hives but it does appear to be heavily used. The pool is about 200 - 300 yards from my hives with another pool and a pond closer than that to the hives.
any ideas on how the neighbors can get rid of the bees? I suggested that they leave the cover off for a few days to encourage the bees to find another source for water.

Mike Duffy

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  1. Try an entrancefeeder with water and a small amount of sugar, like half a teaspoon, water foeagers have a low response threshold for sugar and if u have too much, more than just wateroragers will get it.

    William D. Crawford III


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