Monday, February 6, 2012

Foundation Question...

Question for the experts! I want to order my "starter" hive kit, as suggested, early! All of the frames offered seem to come with "Plasticell" this a good thing? I thought I gathered in the last class the the beeswax ones, which need wiring, are better for the bees? Con someone shed light on this? Thanks! ~Todd Catlin

Let's hear everyone's opinions on foundation and see if we can help Todd!


  1. Hello Todd! I've only heard bad things about plastic, and I'm not super handy, so I wanted something easy to start my first hive with. I found pre-wired wax to be very easy to work with and it's available from most suppliers. You just pop the wax into the frames and the wires are already in the wax. I use Brushy Mountain, here's a link.

    1. We asked the same question last night of one of the other mentors and received a similar answer to Jessica's ~ the bees seem to prefer natural over plastic.


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