Monday, April 9, 2012

Tom's Follow Up for Your New Bee Packages...

hi all
hope everyone's install went feed feed feed ...don't bother them until sometime this afternoon or Tuesday open up ,check the queen cage to see if she is out ...if she is take it out push the frames together and get out .....leave them until next week then check for eggs then they should have some comb drawn and the queen should bee laying eggs.........don't bother them too much inspect them once a week make sure she is laying ..if you see eggs you know she is there........ you do not have to see the queen to know she is at the entrance, if the bees are bringing in pollen..that is a good sign she is laying .........once you see capped brood it should bee flat not protruding like a bullet ..though there might bee some protruding capping's around the corners and bottom ...these are the drones...again keep feeding them sugar syrup 2 parts sugar to 1 part warm water...they need this to draw out the comb...

Mine are all in and going to town... Those Russians, they like the vodka...Special thanks to my two copilots, John and Fred...

any questions or problems call or email me ....413-883-9399
thanks, tom

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