Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bottom Boards... Screened or Solid?

To screen or not to screen that is the question.  Let's hear some feedback members!  How do you bottom board?  Just like every other beekeeping question, I expect we'll get a variety of answers.  I've heard people say to use the screened board year round, the solid board year round, or a combination of the two.  In the comments section below, I'd love to hear your bottom board practice as well as an explanation for why you favor your practice.




  1. Beekeepers are now adhering to an old idea in beekeeping. Allow the colony as much ventilation as possible. Do not close up the colony for overwintering, in fact, rearrange the hive so that it will actually have more ventilation than it does during warm weather. Place wedges (3/8" but) under the inner cover to allow more ventilation. Above all, also use screened bottom boards, without the counting closure pad/board. My research in this area, showed without a doubt, it's the best way to assure overwintering.

    Frank Lagrant
    Lagrant's Honeybees

  2. The notch in the inner cover rail is also important, without it, the ventilation is restricted and the inner cover cannot perform as it was designed to.

    Frank Lagrant
    Lagrant's Beekeeping Supplies


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