Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Bee School Agenda...



The 2013 beekeepers school will be held at the Willimanset Heights Improvement League (WHIL) 118 Mount Vernon Road, Chicopee, MA, 01013 from 7 – 9 on two Thursday evenings each month, beginning January 10, 2013.  Please arrive before 7:00 p.m.  Class starts promptly at 7:00.

January 10

Introduction to Hampden County Beekeepers Association

                                              Speaker: Jim Stefanik - President

Topic 1 & 2

Introduction to Beekeeping

                                              Speaker: Ken Warchol

January 24

Topic 1

Protective Clothing              Speaker: Lee Duquette / Tom Flebotte

Chapter 3
Topic 2
Hive Assembly Workshop – Bring a Hammer

                                              Speakers: Lee Duquette/Tom Flebotte

February 7

Topic 1

Sources of Bees

Chapter 4

                                              Speaker:  Tom Flebotte

Topic 2

Installing Bees

                                              Speaker: Tom Flebotte

February 21

Topic 1

Dynamics of the Hive

Chapter 2

                                              Speaker: Ken Warchol

Topic 2

Queens & Swarms

                                              Speaker: Ken Warchol

March 7

Topic 1

Spring & Summer Management

Chapter 5 & 8

                                              Speaker:  Jeff Rys

Topic 2

Bears & Other Invaders


March 21

Topic 1

Challenges of Beekeeping

Chapter 8

                                              Speaker: Ken Warchol

April 11

Topic 1

Fall & Winter Management

Chapter 6 & 7

                                              Speaker: Jeff Rys

Extracting Honey

                                              Speaker: Jeff Rys

April 25

Topic 1

Beeswax Products & First Aid

                                              Speaker: Tom Flebotte & Kim Dermeski

Topic 2
Question and Answers, Certificates and Raffle

                                            Speaker: Jim Stefanik

Outdoor Workshop: Date and Location to be announced

In case of snow call: Jim Stefanik @ 413-786-1790 OR Jessica Martin 860-978-5388

Jim Stefanik
Vice President:
Jeff Rys

Jessica Martin
Cheryl Robare

Mike Koleczek
Tom Flebotte
Mark Ditzner

Fair Directors:
Tom Flebotte
Jim Stefanik
Don Mayou


DIRECTIONS: 118 Mount Vernon Road

From Route 91 Take I-391 toward Chicopee
Merge onto MA-141 /Grattan Street via Exit 4
Turn Left onto Rolf Avenue
Turn Left onto Dale Street
Turn left onto Mount Vernon Road
#118 is on the right hand side apx 1 mile can also assist you in your driving directions.

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