Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gamma Radiation...

Some very good information came through my email from HCBA member Matt. Matt purchased some used equipment that had been stored for possibly up to 20 years. Though the beekeepers did not lose their bees to disease, it was recommended to Matt by Ken Warchol, that he send the equipment through gamma radiation. According to Ken, American Foulbrood (AFB) spores can lie dormant for 60+ years. The gamma radiation is to eradicate the chance of these spores ruining your hive. I found an article on-line on the subject, called GAMMA RADIATION: A SANITATING TREATMENT OF AFB CONTAMINATED BEEKEEPING EQUIPMENT and here's a link.

The following information was passed around at bee school last week, so if you weren't there or were but didn't get your hands on it, here it is again...
Radiation Coordination
George O'Neil
658 Sunrise Ave.
Barre, MA 01005
Cell: 978-434-1200
Home: 978-355-2442

If you think you may need some equipment treated, please contact George.

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