Wednesday, March 14, 2012

HCBA Member Recommendation (Woodenware)...

This year will be only my second year as a beekeeper, and I decided to add a hive. When I started last year, I opted for ordering all pre-assembled woodenware for my first hive. I used Brushy Mountain and although the price is much higher for both the woodenware and the shipping when you buy assembled, I was very happy with the quality and I felt I had one less thing to worry about when it came to the success of my hive. At least it would be built properly! This year, my friend and fellow HCBA member, Mike Feeney, talked me into saving some money and building my new hive myself (with his help, of course!).

We met Anthony from Old Schoolhouse Woodworks, at our July HCBA Beekeeper's Picnic Anthony makes great quality stuff, and takes custom orders, all for a great price. And he's conveniently located in CT, so you can save on shipping from the big companies by driving down to pick up your order. Mike purchased all the components to build 2 new 10 frame hives, and I got all the components for a new 8 frame hive from Anthony, including a few shims to go between our honey supers, and slotted bottom racks that he custom built for us. Check him out here:

We also have a new source for assembled frames, also in CT. You can't beat the quality or the price. If you need frames and can pick up in CT, you need to call Armand!

Armand Provost
198 Wagher Rd.
North Grosveno, CT 06255

Armands frames are only $9.00 for a box (10 frames)!
You can't beat that deal with a stick!
Check out the quality of these frames...

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