Monday, September 19, 2016

BIG E 2016 Honey Show Winners!

HCBA is proud to announce the winners of our honey contest

Best in Show Mike Koleczek

Our display at Farmarama

Light     1st         Mike Koleczek
              2nd        Jim Stefanik
              3rd        Tom Flebotte

Light     1st         Lee Duquette
Amber  2nd        Bill Romito
             3rd         Annette Isner

Amber  1st            Tom Flebotte       
              2nd      Dan Gleason
              3rd        Marilynn Zielinski

Dark     1st         Lee Duquette
Amber  2nd        Mark Lantzakis
             3rd         Mike Cavanaugh

Dark     1st         Mike Koleczek (Best in Show)
             2nd         Jessica Martin
             3rd         Sean Martin

Comb  1st         Lee Duquette
             2nd        Mike Koleczek
             3rd         Tom Flebotte

Chunk  1st        Mike Koleczek
             2nd     Zach Flebotte   
                 3rd       Tom Flebotte

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