Wednesday, September 21, 2016

September is National Honey Month!

Beekeepers be proud of your hardworking bees!

We add to the sweetness of the world.

How sweet it is! Since being established in 1989, September has been deemed National Honey Month here in the United States to promote beekeeping and the use of honey as a natural and very beneficial sweetener.
Artisanal honey is experiencing a renaissance, seducing chefs, foodies and cheese lovers to appreciate this ancient sweetener for all its culinary glories.
Once reserved exclusively for royals, honey was used to pay taxes during Julius Caesar's reign. Honey is made from the nectar of flowers by honeybees and beekeepers around the world who harvest thousands of varieties, each with a unique flavor profile determined by the type of plants visited by the honeybee. 
With more than 300 varietal honeys produced in the US, each with their own individual color, aroma and flavor profiles, there is no shortage of honeys to explore! Honeybees will travel up to four miles to gather nectar just to make honey!

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